Data Protection

Data protection principles of Lydall Gutsche GmbH & Co. KG

The protection of your personal data is Lydall Gutsche GmbH & Co. KG’s utmost priority. This applies to our website as well as to our other services.
We hereby inform you how we have implemented the data protection provisions on our website.

1. Collection and processing of personal data

When you access our web page, anonymous server logbooks are created and saved for error tracking. No further analyses of your data are carried out without your consent. In addition, your personal data on this web page is only collected to the extent required technically. You are requested to notify us of such data, so that we can get in contact with you. Your data will only be used for the indicated purpose, e. g. for getting in contact and for answering inquiries. If you access pages and files within this website and in the process are requested to enter personal data, please bear in mind that this data transmission via the Internet will take place without any protection. The data may also be read by third parties.
The personal data collected will under no circumstances be passed on or sold to third parties.

This website use Piwik, a web analytic service to analyse the use of this webpage. The collected data will be processed by Piwik on the webserver and not transferred to third parties for analysis. You have right to dissent to this processing of data.

2. Dealing with e-mail addresses

If you send us an e-mail address, we only use your e-mail address for the correspondence with you; this will of course also not be passed on to third parties.

3. Possibility to obtain information

If Lydall Gutsche GmbH & Co. KG has saved your personal data, you can obtain information about your personal data saved free of charge on request.

4. Cookies

Temporary cookies are small datasets which are saved on your computer by the operator of our web page. These are deleted at the end of the Internet session. They are used by many servers and should not be regarded as a security risk.

5. Copyright notice

We claim copyright for texts and graphics on our web page. Individual contents or complete pages may only be used, reproduced or passed on with Muster GmbH’s prior written consent.

6. Disclaimer for the responsibility for third-party links and third-party contents

We do not assume any liability for the content of the information on our homepage, which was acquired from third-party websites, being complete, accurate and up-to-date. This also concerns the contents which are linked with our web page. In addition, this data protection declaration does not apply to web pages of other providers which are linked with our homepage.