Start into a new training year

“Welcome to the team!” – This is how the trainees and students of company GUTSCHE welcomed their new colleagues who began their training at GUTSCHE on 3rd August 2015.

It is of high priority at GUTSCHE to provide personal care and accompanied entry during the training period. Thus, two days of introduction were planned, organized and carried out for the current trainees and students in their first to third year of apprenticeship. During this two-day event, knowledge of the company as well as its products was acquired on the one hand, and on the other a mutual getting to know each other in the foreground took place. In addition, there were opportunities in which one could work in small groups according to different priorities and have lunch together.

In addition to the above-mentioned group work, presentations and tours of production, administration building and logistic center, during these two days there were also oppotunities for conversation and personal exchange of expectation and aspiration of trainees and students for the coming period.

The GUTSCHE team welcomes the new trainees Nico Hofmann (electronics technician), Dieter Kijan (machine and plant operator with focus in textile), Janina Wiegand (industrial clerk), as well as BA student Sarah Wittich (Business Studies with focus in industry) and wishes them an exciting, instructive and successful training period.